Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Blood of Jesus and Being Baptized Skit

Nick’s Sin-B-Gone Soap

Susanna: (Walking onstage) I wonder where Nick is. He was supposed to meet us here so we could get the garage cleaned this weekend.

Chrissy: I don’t know. I haven’t seen him.

(Backstage sound of explosion.)

Susanna: Whoa! What was that?

Chrissy: Sounded like an explosion inside your house.

Nick: (Stagers from behind stage. He’s holding a bar of soap and a test tube.) I’ve done it!

Susanna: What? Blow up the house. Boy are you going to get it. You know, no matter how nice the garage looks when we get done cleaning it, Mom will probably notice that her first floor is missing now.

Nick: The first floor is not missing. But I’m thinking we should put a skylight in my room sometime soon.

Chrissy: What did you do?

Nick: (Being overly modest.) Oh, just your average genius at work, really. Take a look for yourself. (He holds out the bar of soap for them and Susanna reads.)

Susanna: It says, Sin-B-Gone Soap. What’s that supposed to be?

Nick: It’s soap that washes away sins. You know, just add water, and wa-la. You’re clean as a whistle. I’m sure it works ‘cause I haven’t done anything wrong since I created it two minutes ago.

Susanna: Except blow a hole in the house.

Nick: Well, yeah. Except for that.

Susanna: I can’t believe you even tried to do this, Nick. You can’t make a bar of soap that will make your heart clean.

Nick: Why not?

Susanna: For one thing, soap only cleans your outsides.

Chrissy: The Bible says that only faith in the blood of Jesus can give us clean hearts. After Jesus gives us a new heart, the Bible also tells us to be baptized. Baptism, which is when you’re dipped down into the water, is like a picture of how the blood of Jesus has washed away our sins.

Nick: You mean my soap is just soap?

Chrissy: Right.

Nick: And I blew a hole in my ceiling for nothing.

Susanna: Right.

Nick: I think I’m in sooooo much trouble.

Chrissy: Right again!

Nick: Oh no!

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