Thursday, September 24, 2009

Offering Skit—Bobby Bling and Chloe Starr, part 5

Seed Time Game Show, Part 5

Voice: Welcome to the Sow Your Seed Game Show with your favorite hostesses and mine, Bobby Bling and Chloe Starr!

(Chloe Starr enters to cheering audience and game show music. Bobby is late and struggles through the curtain.)

Bobby: I’m here. I’m here. Let the fun begin!

Chloe: (To Bobby) Bobby, are you saying that we aren’t allowed to have fun without you?

Bobby: Well...yeah. I mean, who would want to anyway. Don’t we have a rule like that around here?

Chloe: (Shaking her head) Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.

Bobby: (Clueless) Whaty, whaty, whaty?

Chloe: Never mind. Boys and girls, it’s time for the Sow Your Seed Game Show. Are you ready? (Response) Great! This is your big chance to win kid cash by answering questions about sowing.

Bobby: Oh! (Raising her hand and waving wildly) Can I say something now?

Chloe: Go ahead.

Bobby: Remember to raise your hand, kids, so you don’t get disqualified when you know the answer.

Chloe: Very good, Bobby. Do you have the first question?

Bobby: Here we go. Where do I have to put my seed in order for it to grow? A) My dresser drawer, B) my shoe, or C) the offering box. (Kids respond) And the correct answer is C. The seed has to go where God says it will grow. Plant seeds go into dirt. Money seeds go into the offering.

Chloe: These kids are sharp. Next question. If a man sows carrot seed, what will he reap? The choices are A) chocolate milk shakes, B) carrots, or C) burgers and fries. (Kids respond) Right! The correct answer is B. The Bible tells us that whatever we sow is what we will reap.

Bobby: Wow! I think I’ll shoot for that chocolate milk shake harvest.

Chloe: Last question, Bobby.

Bobby: Right, Chloe. When I tithe, who does this honor? A) The mailman, B) my little brother, or C) God. (Response) Correct! We honor God from the first of what we have. He’s given us every good thing, and our tithe shows that we understand ALL that blessing comes from Him.

Chloe: That’s all we have time for today, kids. See you next time!

Bobby: (Dramatic pose) We’ll be back.

Chloe: C’mon, Bobby. I think your agent is calling.

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