Wednesday, September 16, 2009

François and Ernie Salt of the Earth Skit

François and Ernie Make Ze Chocolate Mousse

Props: Table, bowl, large container of salt, whisk, spoon, instant chocolate pudding, small container of milk, two aprons, one chef hat

(François the Chef walks into class and stands by a table which is set up with some of the props for a cooking show.)

François: (Heavy French accent.) And today we make ze chocolate mousse which is as light as a feather. Ummmm!

(Assistant enters with a bowl and untensils, but trips and falls into the chef.)

François: (Upset) What are you doing, charging into my kitchen like a herd of buffaloes?

Ernie: Um, I'm your new assistant, Ernie. I need to learn to cook.

François: (Adamantly.) You need to learn to walk! (Quick change to smiling and friendly as he faces the audience.) So today, we have ze chocolate mousse. First, we put ze secret chocolate mix into ze bowl. Zen we pour in ze milk from ze cow zat says, "moooo." Zen we add a pinch of salt.

Ernie: Don't we need more than just a pinch?

François: (Firmly.) No! Just a pinch is all zat is necessary. Too much and we will have ze salt mousse instead of ze chocolate mousse. (Adds a pinch of salt and hands the container to Ernie.)

Ernie: I like things to be salty. I think it needs more salt. (Tries to add a little more salt.)

(The chef and Fred struggle for a moment, resulting in the entire container being dumped into the bowl.)

François: (Very upset.) Now you see! Now we have ze salt mousse that makes the people say, "Yucky, yucky, yucky!"

Ernie: (Trying to be helpful.) Well, I'll probably like it.

François: Auuuuggh! (Grabs Ernie by the ear and berates him while leading him off stage.) Ze salt mousse is ze yucky mousse. Yucky, yucky, yucky...

Teacher: Well kids, salt is definitely a very powerful substance, as Ernie the chef's new assistant found out today. Remember that we're supposed to be the salt of the earth. That means when you make Jesus your Savior, you will affect everyone and everything around you. As you tell others about Him, it will change their lives.

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