Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Can't Keep It To Myself!

I’ve Got Good News

Acts 8:26–39

Susanna: I can’t believe I finally won the Great Chocolate Chip Cookie Bake-off. I’ve been trying to do that for three years.

Susan: Hi, Susanna.

Susanna: Look at my certificate. I just won a bake-off.

Susan: Wow! That’s great news. Your family will be so excited. Did you tell Nick yet?

Susanna: (Face falling.) Nick? Not likely.

Susan: But he’ll be so excited that you won! How could you not tell him?

Susanna: Well, let me see. Maybe because last week he put maple syrup in my shampoo bottle and I didn’t figure it out until I didn’t get any suds. Maybe because the week before that he used heat sensitive invisible ink to write “KICK ME” on the back of one of my t-shirts as a joke. Maybe because...

Susan: Okay, okay. I get the picture. He’s been a little busy lately.

Susanna: Let’s just say that if it had been a Great Goofy Tricks on Your Sister contest, Nick would have won.

Susan: When you have good news to share, you should tell other people about it.

Susanna: But what if Nick doesn’t care about my good news?

Susan: You should tell him anyway. Don’t decide that he won’t like it in advance. Share! And you might be surprised anyway.

Susanna: Why is that?

Susan: Brothers tend to appreciate sisters that can bake prize-winning cookies.

Susanna: You’ve got a point.

Nick: Did I hear someone mention cookies?

Susan: See what I mean?

(All exit.)