Monday, September 14, 2009

True Forgiveness Skit

None of us deserve the forgiveness Jesus has for us, so aren't we glad He's given it to us as a free gift? There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God!

True Forgiveness Skit

Props: Three sandwich bags, each with a plain donut, a plastic bat, and a ball

Susanna: Hey, Nick. I have something for you.

Nick: (Suspicious) Like what?

Savannah: Oh, brother. You are so paranoid!

Nick: With good reason.

Susanna: Look, Nick. I know that you poured jello in my shoes as a practical joke, but I forgive you. I have a present for you to prove it.

Savannah: Yeah, we went to the donut shop.

Susanna: I bought you a donut. Here. (She and Savannah exit with similar bags)

Nick: Wow. I can't believe Susanna forgave me for doing that to her. (He starts to open the bag, but stops.) Hold it! I know what this is. This is a trick. She's just trying to get me back for all the jokes I've done in the past. Rule numero uno of being a brother: Never trust your sister!

(Nick drops the bag on the ground and starts to beat it up with a bat.)

Nick: Ha! Take that! And that! No one fools the Nickster. Ha! (He hears the girls coming back, so he grabs the bag and hides it behind his back.)

Savannah: (Eating her donut.) This is soooo good. I love donuts.

Susanna: (Taking a big bite.) Me too. See you, Nick. We'll be at the park.

(Nick is stunned and watches the girls exit.)

Nick: It's not possible, is it? (He opens the bag and dumps out the mess that was once a donut.) Oh no! (Exit)

Teacher: I guess Nick didn't really believe that he was forgiven, did he? (Kids answer no.) That's probably because he knew that pouring jello in Susanna's shoes wasn't right. He knew that he deserved to get in trouble, so he was surprised when she forgave him instead.

We don't deserve to be forgiven either, because none of us could ever be good enough to go to heaven on our own. But God sent Jesus to earth to pay for the sins of everyone. Isn't it awesome that God loves us so much that he made a way for us to be forgiven?

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