Thursday, October 1, 2009

Forgiveness Is Yours

Always Forgiven

(Nick wants to impress his dad and give him a hand-made bird feeder for Christmas, but when he uses the table saw, it quits working and he’s afraid to tell his dad. Worried Nick is pacing back and forth telling Drew about it.)

Nick: Uh oh! I was cutting out the pieces when all of a sudden it quit working and the light over the workbench went out too! I don’t even know what I did, but I think I might have broken more than the table saw.

Susanna: (Entering with Savannah.) Ha! I heard that. Boy, are you in trouble. The lights on the Christmas tree quit working too.

Nick: Oh, come on, Susanna. Don’t tell Dad. I was trying to make him a Christmas present. Drew’s going to help me fix it.

Drew: Don’t count on it, pal. I don’t know anything about table saws except how to change the blade, and I’m only allowed to do that when my dad or big brothers are with me.

Susanna: Just wait till Dad gets home. I’m telling, and you’re going to get it big time. I hope I get to watch.

Savannah: Susanna! You’re being mean. Come on. It’s Christmas. Give the guy a break, will you?

Susanna: Why? He never gives me a break. Serves him right for all the stuff I have to put up with when he’s bugging me.

Drew: Nick, I think you should just tell your dad yourself. How bad can it be?

Nick: Well, first I’d have to tell him that I used his saw without permission. Then I’d have to tell him why. That would ruin his Christmas present. Not to mention I’d probably be grounded forever.

Susanna: I wish!

Savannah: Come on, Nick. Your dad wouldn’t ground you for a year. Just tell him. It might not be as bad as it looks.

Drew: She’s right, Nick. Your dad loves you, and you know he’ll get over it even if he does get mad. Besides, if you don’t tell him, Susanna’s going to anyway.

Nick: Yeah. I guess you’re right. I might as well face up to it. I wonder how much a new table saw and some new lights cost. Maybe I could mow the lawn for the next twenty years to pay for it.

Susanna: Hey! Dad’s pulling in the driveway. Tell you what, Nick. If you tell him right away, then I won’t.

Nick: (Depressed.) Great. Thanks, Susanna. Say, could all you guys give us a little time alone, please?

All: Sure, Nick. (They all exit as “Dad” walks in.)

Dad: Hi, guys. Did you all play in the snow today?

Drew: Not much yet.

Nick: Dad, can I talk to you alone for a minute?

Dad: Sure, son. What’s up?

Nick: Well, I wanted it to be a surprise, but I think I broke your table saw.

Dad: Wait. You wanted to surprise me by breaking my table saw?

Nick: Uh, no. That’s not what I mean. I wanted to surprise you with a hand-made Christmas present, but I broke your table saw and I think some other things too.

Dad: So you were using my table saw without permission? Or did you ask your mom?

Nick: No, I didn’t ask her either. I guess I should have. I’m sorry, Dad. I promise I’ll pay for everything!

Dad: You know, Nick, those rules about using my tools are for your safety. The table saw can be very dangerous. What happened?

Nick: Well, I was cutting out the pieces I needed to assemble my project when the saw quit working and the light went out. I flipped the switch back and forth, but it wouldn’t turn on again. And now Susanna says the lights went out on the tree too.

Dad: Oh, I see. Well, I don’t think you’ll have to work forever to pay it off. Look, Nick. I love you very much. There’s nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you, and I’ll always forgive you. In fact, I forgive you even before you ask me to. But I am glad you chose to be honest about what happened. Now, there are a few things you need to do to fix this problem, and I’ll show you how to do it.

Nick: But Dad! That ruins your Christmas present!

Dad: Did you tell your mom what it is?

Nick: No. Why?

Dad: Could you make it a present for her?

Nick: I guess so. It’s supposed to be a bird feeder.

Dad: Great idea. I’d love that, but so would your mom. Tell you what. You can make it for her, and I’ll help you with the tools. Now, let’s go reset that circuit breaker you blew out.

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