Thursday, September 24, 2009

Working Together Skit

The Triple Threat Chocolate Brownie Challenge

(Nick is working on some batter to make the Triple Threat Chocolate Brownies when Susanna comes on stage carrying several ingredients for a sundae.)

Nick: What ya’ got there?

Susanna: (Confidently) Only the ingredients for my Chocolate Bomb Sundae, which will be sure to win the desert competition at church.

Nick: Ha, ha, ha. You don’t stand a chance with my Triple Threat Chocolate Brownies in the competition.

Susanna: Don’t tell me you’re entering those. (Nick nods his head after every question.) The chocolate ones with the chocolate chips baked inside? And the chocolate sauce dribbled on top? Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ll still win because I’m going to use some secret ingredients in my sundae.

Nick: Like what?

Susanna: I’m not telling.

Nick: Sure, I’ll bet you don’t even know what you are going to do because you know I’ve got you beat already.

Susanna: Well….well…that goes to show you how much you don’t know. I’m going to have the most chocolatiest sundae ever, and it’s going to have an extra special treat on top.

Nick: Like what?

Susanna: I’m not telling you because you’ll just want to steal it so I don’t beat you.

Nick: Not a chance, sis. You’re going down. I’ll never lose with the Triple Threat.

Susanna: Oh, ho ho. So you think you can top me, huh? Well, just go right ahead and try. (Susanna exits and comes back in with a bag of Lindor Truffles.)

Nick: Hey! You can’t use those. They were dad’s birthday present. He makes them last for months.

Susanna: But he’ll let me use one because he loves me.

Nick: (To the audience) Oh, man. What am I going to do? She might actually beat me. (To Susanna) Well, it won’t matter. You’ll never beat me anyway. (Nick edges closer as he talks and snatches the bag)

Susanna: Hey! Give those back!

(Susanna chases Nick and they yell at each other while playing keep away with the bag)

Savannah: Oh, come on! Every time I come over here, you two are at it again! What’s the problem this time?

Susanna: He stole my chocolate truffles!

Nick: They’re not your truffles! They’re dad’s truffles!

Susanna: Give em’ back! (Susanna lunges for the bag.)

Savannah: (Breaking up the fight and taking the bag herself) Stop! Just tell me what’s going on. I know Susanna wouldn’t just take your dad’s chocolates to eat them.

Nick: I’m going to win the desert competition at church, and she thinks that if she uses the truffles she can beat me.

Susanna: And you know I can, or you wouldn’t have tried to stop me!

Nick: Doesn’t matter. I’ll beat you anyway. Eat my crumbs!

Susanna: In your dreams, chocolate boy. All you’ll get is the left over melted ice cream.

Savannah: Would you two give it up for once? Can’t you ever work together? Friends work together. And brothers and sisters should be best friends. Why don’t you two combine your brownie and sundae desserts to see if you can win the prize together.

Nick: What!? Are you nuts?!

Susanna: Hey, that’s not a bad idea.

Nick: How?

Savanna: Nick, you make your Triple Threat Brownies and then top it off with Susanna’s Chocolate Bomb Sundae. You could even mix some of the brownie pieces into the ice cream.

Nick: Hey, that just might work. We could call it the Triple Threat Chocolate Bomb Brownie Sundae.

Susanna: But I think we should try it first.

Savannah: Yeah, it might need several tests to make sure it’s just right. I’ll volunteer to help with the tasting.

Nick: Somehow I knew we could count on you. Let's go! (They all exit)

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