Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Camp Sow-A-Lot Part 1

Seed Time Skit

(Counselor enters with three campers.)

Counselor Higgenbottom: (Taking a cleansing breath.) Ah! Here we are, campers. As your camp counselor, I’d like to welcome you to Camp Sow-A-Lot. (Pauses.) Welcome!

(Three nod their heads in acknowledgment.)

Counselor: You’ve probably wondering when the fun will begin, so I won’t keep you in suspense any more. The first thing we’ll do this week is to break up the big chunks of hard soil so the seeds can get through them. By preparing the soil, our seeds will have the best chance to produce an awesome harvest. (Hands out a couple of hoes and a shovel.) Here you are! Enjoy! (Starts to leave.)

Brian: Hey! Wait a minute. That sounds like hard work.

Counselor: It is hard work, but if you tried to plant seeds in this hard stuff like it is right now, they wouldn’t grow at all. You have to have to break it up so those tender little plants can grow and flourish.

Jenna: You’re kidding, right? I just had my nails done.

Riley: (Admiring Jenna’s nails.) Oooh. That looks like the Rainforest Special from Super Nails at the mall.

Jenna: Yeah. See those little monkeys and tree leaves. The girl who does my nails is a true artist. (Sighs at the memory of having her nails done.)

Riley: I’ve got to get to the mall and see if she can help me out.

Counselor: (Getting their attention.) Yoo hoo! Campers! It’s time to prepare the soil. Tally ho! I’ll be back later to check on how you’re doing.

Riley: You’re leaving us here to do this alone?

Counselor: Of course! I trust you to get the job done. I have to get the next group of campers to brief them on their own sowing adventure. See you later. (Exits)

Brian: I can’t believe I’m going to be hoeing a garden. I thought I’d be swimming and canoeing at camp.

Jenna: Swimming and conoeing sounds wonderful!

Brian: Hey! Let’s just leave and go swimming. It probably doesn’t really matter if we do this hoeing anyway. Those seeds are strong enough to get through this soil.

Riley: I don’t know if that’s a good idea...

Jenna: It’s a great idea. Last one in the lake is a rotten egg!

(The three rush off stage.)

Teacher: What do you think will happen when the counselor gets back? I think she’ll find that the soil hasn’t been prepared for the seed. It’s very important to prepare the soil before we plant our seed in God’s kingdom. We do that by learning what God’s Word says about our seed and believing it. Did you bring seed to sow in God’s kingdom today? Good! Hold onto your offering for now. We’re going to see the end of our story and then we’ll get to give to God.

Counselor enters, finds the work not finished. She sighs and sits down to wait. Just a few seconds later, the kids enter.

Brian: You guys just need to stop laughing at me.

Riley: (Can’t stop herself) I’ll bet you’re the biggest fish that guy ever caught.

Brian: Look, just because I didn’t know that side of the lake wasn’t for swimmers is no reason to laugh.

Jenna: I thought it was pretty funny.

Riley: And you have to admit it was very nice of him to save you from the quicksand too.

Brian: I didn’t know that there were places near the lake that we had to watch out for. I guess it wasn’t a good idea to head over there without the lifeguard—

Counselor: Ahem!

(Kids are startled.)

Brian: Uh oh.

Jenna: Oh, hi, Counselor Higgenbottom.

Riley: It was his fault. (Pointing at Brian)

Brian: Hey!

Counselor: I overheard your conversation. It sounds like things didn’t go so well for you today.

Brian: It was awful. I got caught on someone’s fishing line and it ruined my swim suit. Then I fell into quicksand trying to get out of the lake and the same guy had to save me from that too.

Counselor: Which is why we don’t let kids over on that end of the lake and only have swimming when there’s a lifeguard on duty. And then there’s this little matter of your garden. You still need to prepare the soil.

Jenna: What? We didn’t get out of it?

Counselor: Nope. Preparing the ground is so important that you can’t skip doing it. Don’t worry. The lake will still be there when you’re done so you can cool off. (Holding out the hoe.) Who wants to go first?

Riley: I will.

Counselor: When the harvest is ready, you won’t be sorry.

On your mark, get set...

The Power of Praise
2 Chronicles 20 (Jehoshaphat)
Act 1
(Susanna is sitting on the step, holding a paper, looking dejected.)
Michelle: (Enters) What’s wrong, Susanna?
Susanna: This. (She hands the paper to Michelle, who reads it out loud.)
Michelle: “Soap Box Derby Contest. Enter your car for a chance to win the blue ribbon and cash prize of $100.” (Turns to Susanna)
Ariana: That’s great! Let’s build a car. We might win $100.
Susanna: We might, if it wasn’t for this. (Hands Michelle a second piece of paper.)
Michelle: (Reads) “ We’re going to win, win, win! You’re going to lose, lose, lose!” It’s signed, “The Cool Kids.” Who are they?
Susanna: It’s that group of kids at school. They want everyone who enters the contest to know they’re going to beat them. I started building a car and they found out. Then I got this note. It took the wind out of my sails, and I don’t even feel like I have the energy to try anymore.
Ariana: Sounds like you have a hearing problem.
Susanna: What do you mean?
Ariana: You’ve been listening to the voice of your enemies instead of the voice of God. You need some praise power to get you back on your feet!
Michelle: That’s right. Remember that story about Jehoshaphat? They were facing a huge army that was going to wipe them out!
Ariana: Right, but when God said that the battle was His, they sent out the praisers before the troops.
Michelle: And God’s people won!
Ariana: What does the Bible say about joy, Susanna?
Susanna: (Dejectedly mumbling) The joy of the Lord is my strength.
Ariana: I can’t hear yoooou.
Susanna: (A little louder) The joy of the Lord is my strength.
Ariana: (To Michelle) Let’s help her! All together—
All three: The joy of the Lord is my strength.
Ariana: Great! Let’s go build that soap box car!
(Three exit)
Teacher teaches lesson here.
Act 2
Susanna: (Wearing the soap box car, which is actually a box with straps over her shoulders.) I’m a little nervous. The other teams all dropped out.
Michelle: Don’t be! You’re going to do great!
Ariana: Remember that praise power. God will help you do your best.
Cool Kid A: (To friends in group) Look who showed up for the race! (Yelling across to Susanna and team) Hey, you guys. I hope you like to lose, because we’re going to win, win, WIN!
Two other cool kids: Yeah! Win, win, WIN!
Cool Kid A: (Thinks it’s a big joke.) Aw, that’s so sad. Do you know why? It means you’re going to lose, lose, LOSE!
Two other cool kids: Yeah! Lose, lose, LOSE!
Susanna: (Ready to quit) That’s it. I’m done.
Michelle: (Stopping her.) No! You’re going to see this thing through. Remember what the Bible says? The joy of the Lord is your strength!
Ariana: Don’t listen to them. Say it! The joy of the Lord is my strength.
Susanna: The joy of the Lord is my strength.
(Ariana and Michelle step back to cheer from the stage.)
Susanna: Okay, Lord. I know you’re with me, and I choose to praise you, even though it doesn’t look like I can with this thing. I’m just going to have fun and do my best!
Official: Oh your mark, get set, GO!
(Susanna starts out running around the classroom with her box. The Cool Kids immediately have car trouble, and it won’t go.)
Cool Kid A: It won’t go! What’s wrong?
Cool Kid B: Um, I think I left the parking break on.
Cool Kid A: What! Fix it, quick!
(They fix it, but they’re hopelessly behind now. Susanna goes across the finish line and wins
the race.)
Michelle and Ariana: Hurray! Our team won!
Cool Kid A: (Finishing last and is mad at her friends.) It’s all your fault!
Cool Kid B: No it isn’t. It’s her fault.
Cool Kid C: No it isn’t. It’s her fault.
(Leave arguing whose fault it is.)
Official: I’d like to give you this ribbon and this check for $100. Great racing out there.
Susanna: Thank you, but the whole team gets credit for this. Without my friends, I couldn’t have done it.
Ariana: Or without the joy of the Lord. It gave you strength to finish the race!
Michelle: Let’s go celebrate!
(All exit.)