Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kindness Skit

This Is Your Conscience Speaking

1 Kings 17:7–24

(Nick enters with a paper bag looking pleased. He sits down, ready for lunch.)

Nick: I’ve been waiting all day for this lunch. I wonder what mom packed for me. (Starts pulling out pieces of his lunch.) Ooh! I love peanut butter and jelly. You’re awesome, Mom! Suzi Panzerelli’s mom always gives her liverwurst. Can you believe it? Yuck!

(Pulls out an apple, orange, a couple of granola bars, and finally a package with a desert.) Awesome! My favorite. Ho Hos!

(Susanna walks in, head down, obviously very upset. Doesn’t see Nick at first. She wipes a tear and blows her nose into a handkerchief with a loud honking sound.)

Nick: Hey, Suzanna! Lay off the foghorn, will you? I’m trying to eat.

Susanna: (Startled) Oh! Sorry. I didn’t see you there.

Nick: What’s wrong? Where’s your lunch?

Susanna: (Tries to look brave.) Lunch? Oh, it’’s...

Nick: Have you been crying?

Susanna: (Trying to be tough now.) Why would I cry? I mean, maybe I just decided to not have lunch today. Just because it’s lunch time doesn’t mean you have to eat lunch.

Nick: You love lunch.

Susanna: (Bursting into tears, but manages to tell story between sobs.) Okay, you’re right. I love lunch. Mom always packs a great lunch, and I had just set everything out on a table outside when a little kid came up to me to tie his shoes. I helped him out, but his shoe was so knotted up that it took awhile to fix. When I looked up, a stray dog had jumped on the table, eaten my whole lunch, and there was nothing left but dog drool.

Nick: (Incredulous) The whole thing?

Susanna: Even the plastic wrap. (Bursts into tears again.)

Nick: Gee. That’s too bad.

Susanna: I’m sooooo hungry!

Nick: Well, maybe you should just fast and pray today.

Susanna: I guess I’ll have to...unless...(looks hopefully at Nick)

Nick: Oh, no. Don’t look at me. I’m a growing boy, and I need every calorie in this paper bag.

Susanna: Just a little?

Nick: It’s only a few hours until school is over. You can make it until then.

Susanna: I can’t believe you’d do that to your own sister. (Stands up to leave)

Nick: Where are you going?

Susanna: To look at the vending machine. At least it has a good reason not to share. (Stomps out stage right.)

Nick: (Lifts sandwich, about to take a bite.)

Voice: (From microphone.) Ni-i-i-icck.

(Nick looks around, then is about to take another bite, but before he can, he hears the voice again.)

Voice: (From microphone.) Ni-i-i-icck!

Nick: (Jumps up, not able to take a bite.) Who—who’s there? If you’re the dog that ate my sister’s lunch, you can forget about eating mine. You’re not getting it.

Voice: Ni-i-i-ick! This is your conscience.

Nick: (Rolls his eyes.) You? What do you want? I’m eating lunch.

Voice: You need to share with Suzanna, Nick. That dog at her whole lunch. She’s very hungry. Just think how it would be if a dog ate your lunch.

Nick: What? No way. This is MY lunch. Mom made it for me, and I’m hungry! I want to eat it in peace without you or anyone else bugging me, so go away.

Voice: I can’t go away. I’m part of you, Nick.

Nick: Which part?

Voice: The kind part. Remember, God has put kindness in you. It’s time to use that kindness to help Suzanna.

Nick: (Big sigh) You’re really not going to leave me alone, are you?

Voice: Not a chance.

Nick: Okay. I’ll share. You’re right. She’s hungry and it’s the kind thing to do. (Packs lunch and leaves stage right.) Hey, Suzanna! Want an apple?

(Ariana and Suzanna enter stage left. Suzanna takes a bite of an apple. Ariana is holding a microphone.)

Suzanna: Thanks for your help, Ariana.

Ariana: Any time. There’s nothing like your conscience to help you do what’s right.

(Girls give each other high five and exit.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Peace in a Jail?

Singin’ In the Jail

Acts 16:14–40

Susan on the Spot: This is Susan on the Spot with another late-breaking story. It’s almost midnight, and we’ve received word that someone is actually singing in the local jail. We’re here to cover the story. Let’s see if...

Bystander: Excuse me. Did you say, singing?

Susan OTS: Yes, we had a report that—

Bystander: (Interrupting) Wait. Are you a talent scout?

Susan OTS: Well n—

Bystander: (Enthusiastic) I can spot a talent scout a mile away. Let me just warm up a little over here and I’ll be ready to audition for you in a minute. (Smiling and waving as she moves stage right.)

Susan OTS: You do that. (Makes gesture by head to show the bystander is a little wacko.) Anyway, we’re here to see who could possibly have something to sing about in jail. (Approaches jailed Paul and Silas who are quietly worshiping stage left.)

Susan OTS: Excuse me, but are you singing?

Paul: Yes, we are.

Susan OTS: Why would you sing about being in jail? It’s dark and icky in here. (Jumps.) And did I just see a rat over there. Okay, nobody said there were going to be rats on this assignment.

Silas: Those jail rats are tame. They won’t hurt you.

Susan OTS: So why are you in here, anyway.

Paul: We were telling everyone how to believe in Jesus and be saved.

Silas: But this slave girl with a spirit of divination was following us everywhere pestering us. Finally Paul just cast that spirit out of her in the name of Jesus.

Susan OTS: Her masters were probably very happy that you did that for her.

Paul: Nope. They were mad, because she was doing fortunetelling for them, and now she wouldn’t anymore. So they had us thrown in jail.

Susan OTS: But why are you singing?

Silas: Because I can have peace inside even when things aren’t perfect on the outside.

Paul: And I’m going to praise God no matter what my circumstances are on the outside.

Susan OTS: Wow!

Paul & Silas start to sing Hallelujah. Suddenly, the ground shakes in an earthquake. Paul, Silas, Susan OTS and the Bystander start to lurch around.

Susan OTS: Hey, look! The doors are open and your chains have fallen off! You can go free!

Jailer: (Rushes in.) Oh, no! The doors are open. Now all the prisoners will have escaped and I’ll be in big trouble. I might as well die. (Pulls out his sword)

Paul: Wait! Don’t hurt yourself! We’re all here!

Jailer: (Falls down in front of Paul and Silas) What must I do to be saved?

Silas: You just have to believe in the Lord Jesus, and you and your household will be saved.

Jailer: Let me take you home with me. I want to hear more about Jesus. I want my family to be saved too.

(Paul, Silas, and Jailer exit.)

Susan OTS: That’s it for today, folks. Remember that even when things aren’t perfect around you, you can have peace if Jesus in your heart. He is more powerful than any trouble you could run into.

Bystander: Yoo hoo! I’m ready to audition. I’m going to sing Mary Had a Little Lamb. (Starts to sing in an off key while Susan OTS sneaks out with her ears covered. Suddenly the bystander looks around and realizes she’s alone.) Hey! Where did everybody go? (Exits.)

Seed Time

Seed Time Game Show, Number 13

Voice: Welcome to the Sow Your Seed Game Show with your favorite hostesses and mine, Bobby Bling and Chloe Starr!

(Chloe Starr and Bobby Bling come out waving to the kids and saying hello.)

Bobby: Hi there, kids. I’m so glad to be here to day. I just love seeing all of you cheering for me. In fact, I just love me!

Chloe: Um, Bobby... (Bobby continues waving at the kids and ignores Chloe for a little bit.) Bobby..... HEY, Bobby!

Bobby: Oh, were you talking to me? I didn’t notice. What was it you wanted?

Chloe: (Patiently) I just wanted to remind you that we are here to love the kids and to teach them that God loves them. Did you know that love is a seed you can sow?

Bobby: Yes! And I think you should all sow love to me. After all, who is more lovable than me?

Chloe: I’m not going to answer that. Can we get started with today’s show? I’ve got some kids cash to hand out to kids who can give us the right answers.

Bobby: Sounds like a great deal. Let’s get started with question number one. According to 2 Corinthians 9:6, if we want to reap bountifully how should we sow?

A. Just enough seed to get by

B. By leaving all our seed on the sidewalk

C. Bountifully, which means lots and lots

D. Nothing at all

Chloe: (Ask a child to answer) That’s right. We should sow bountifully. The Bible says each one should sow just as he has purposed in his heart to reap.

Question number two. If we sow love towards one another, what will we reap?

A. Thorns and thistles

B. Tomatoes

C. Nachos

D. More love

Bobby: (Ask a child to answer) Great answer! We reap what we sow, and if we sow love, we will reap love. God is love, and He loves us all the time, no matter what we do.

Question number three. What kind of hat does Larry the Cucumber wear in Sheer-luck Holmes?

Chloe: What kind of question is that?

Bobby: Oops! Wrong show. (Flips to another card) How can we sow love?

A. By helping others

B. By being kind to others

C. By forgiving others

D. By thinking of others first

E. All of the above

Chloe: (Ask a child to answer) You’ve got it! Every one of those are ways we can show love and sow love to others. That’s all for today kids. Have a great week and remember: God loves you ALL the time.

Bobby: Are you sure? Does He even love me all the time?

Chloe: Even you, Bobby. Bye, kids.

(They wave as they exit.)