Friday, September 11, 2009

Salt of the Earth Skit

This Needs Salt!

Props: Two muffins and the Hungry Bob costume of a large plaid flannel shirt and a pillow for fake stomach

Teacher: Hi, kids. Do you know what I have today? (Holds up a plate with two muffins on it.) I have two muffins here. Do you see them? (Yes.) Do they look the same? (Children will say yes.) I have a secret to tell you—they aren't really the same. There's something that makes them very different from each other, even though they seem to be the same on the outside.

Hungry Bob: (Sticks his head in the classroom.) Did I hear the word "muffin"? (He sees the muffins on the plate in the teacher's hand and runs toward the food.) Foooooooood!

(As Hungry Bob reaches the plate, the teacher lifts it up and he misses, rushing underneath. He's surprised and wonders where the muffins went. When he realizes the teacher still has them, he again runs toward the plate, and each time he does this, the teacher lifts it out of his way while talking to the children and seeming not to notice Bob.)

Teacher: Even though these muffins are the same size, color, and shape, they are different. The person who eats them will know that they are not the same. (Finally talking to Hungry Bob.) Hungry Bob, are you hungry?

Bob: (Out of breath from running back and forth.) Uh huh!

Teacher: Would you like a muffin?

(Hungry Bob nods his head emphatically. The teacher hands him the muffin that has no salt. Hungry Bob takes a big bite as she continues talking to the children.)

Teacher: The muffin I just gave Hungry Bob has no salt in it. (Hungry Bob writhes in agony over the awful taste of a muffin with no salt. He searches in vain for somewhere to get rid of the muffin in his mouth, but eventually has to just swallow it or run from the room.) Salt is very important. When there isn't salt in food, it doesn't taste good.

Bob: (Grumbling) That was not very nice!

Teacher: The Bible says that we are the salt of the earth. When we tell others how Jesus loves them and what He's done for them, we change the lives of the people around us just like salt changes food. (To Hungry Bob) You were a good sport, Hungry Bob. I'd like to give you the muffin with salt in it. Here. This one will taste good. (Bob grabs the muffin and runs out of the room.) The world is hungry for Jesus. Let's remember to be salt this week!

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