Friday, September 11, 2009

Offering Skit—Bobby Bling and Chloe Starr, part 4

Seed Time Game Show, Part 4

Voice: Welcome to the Sow Your Seed Game Show with your favorite hostesses and mine, Bobby Bling and Chloe Starr!

(Enter to cheering audience and game show music.)

Bobby: Listen to that applause. Do you think I could get a recording of that? I want to put it on my CD alarm clock so I wake up to it every morning.

Chloe: (To Bobby) No, I think hearing it just once a week has done enough damage. Hey, kids! Welcome to the number one game show in the Preschool classroom: the Sow Your Seed Game Show!

Bobby: The show where you sow.

Chloe: This is your big chance to win kid cash by answering questions about sowing. Put on your thinking caps, because we have some tough questions for you this week.

Bobby: Hey, I didn’t know I needed a cap.

Chloe: That’s okay, Bobby. The kids will do the thinking today. Remember to raise your hand, kids, so you don’t get disqualified when you know the answer. Bobby, will you do the honors and read the first question?

Bobby: Sure. How do we know that God loves us? A) He always sends us a card on our birthday, B) He gave us His only Son Jesus, or C) He gives us flowers if we’re sick. (Kids respond) And the correct answer is B. God loved us so much that He gave us His Son Jesus. That’s some awesome gift! Because we know how much God loves us, we can show how we love and trust Him by giving to Him. Giving is a great way to show love!

Chloe: Here comes question number two. How can a man rob God? Here are the choices: A) by not telling the truth, B) by eating His sandwich when He’s not looking, or C) by not giving God the first tenth of what you make. (Kids respond) Right! The correct answer is C. The first dime of every dollar we make belongs to God. To honor God, we give Him the very first of what we have.

Bobby: Yeah, when you believe that God will bless you just like He says, it’s easy to give.

Chloe: That’s right, Bobby.

Bobby: Wow. We’re down to the last question already. What does my giving show God? Your choices are: A) He has my full attention, B) He can come and stay at our house any time, or C) He also has my heart. (Kids respond) Correct! The answer is C. What God wants more than anything is your heart. When you give Him your tithe, it shows Him that He also has your heart. Where ever your treasure is, there is your heart also.

Chloe: That’s all we have time for today, kids. See you next time!

Bobby: Soooooow long. Get it, Chloe? Sow long?

Chloe: I sooooo need to get you off this stage. Bye kids!

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