Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bobby Goes for Kid Cash

Seed Time Game Show, Part 6

(Bobby Bling comes out disguised as a child.)

Bobby: Today I’m finally going to win some Kid Cash so I can go shopping! I can’t wait! (Bobby sits down in a chair to pretend to be a child.)

Voice: Welcome to the Sow Your Seed Game Show with your favorite hostesses and mine, Bobby Bling and Chloe Starr!

(Chloe Starr enters to cheering audience and game show music.)

Chloe: (Calling backstage.) Bobby? Bobby? Are you back there? (Gives up.) Oh well, I guess she couldn’t be here today. Boys and girls, it’s time for the Sow Your Seed Game Show. Are you ready? (Response) Great! This is your big chance to win kid cash by answering questions about sowing.

It looks like I’ll be the only person asking you questions today, so here’s the first one: When you sow your seed, what will it do? A) Turn into a pizza, B) never come up, or C) grow into the same thing you planted.

Bobby: (Jumping out of her seat and waving her hand wildly.) Oh! Oh!

Chloe: Sorry, uh...little...girl. I can’t choose someone who is jumping out of her seat. (Chooses a different child to answer while Bobby sits down grumpily.) That’s right. The answer is, your seed will grow into the same thing you planted. Question number two is, what place is the safest for your seed? The choices are A) in the bank, B) in God’s kingdom, or C) under your pillow.

Bobby: (Stays in her seat this time, but isn’t quiet.) Pick me! Pick me!

Chloe: Sorry, little girl. I can’t choose someone who is yelling, “Pick me!” You have to sit quietly and raise your hand in order to be called on. (Chooses someone else while Bobby once again sits down grumpily.) That’s right! The answer is, in God’s kingdom. Whatever we put into God’s kingdom is safe. No one can steal it, and it can’t rust or wear out. It’s the best place to put a seed.

Bobby: I never thought of putting it under my pillow.

Chloe: Now it’s time for the last question.

Bobby: (Bragging to all the kids around her that she’ll get this one.) I’m going to get this one. Just watch me.

Chloe: If I sow one tiny seed, what kind of harvest can I expect to see? A) an enormous harvest that I don’t have room for, B) a medium sized harvest, or C) a little harvest.

Bobby: (Hand immediately shoots straight up, but one hand is over her mouth so she won’t say anything while her eyes are bugging out.)

Chloe: (Points at Bobby.) What is the answer, little girl?

Bobby: (Confidently) A medium-sized harvest.

Chloe: Sorry, that’s not the answer. (Chooses someone else while Bobby reels in shock.) What is the answer? That’s right! The answer is C. However you sow, that’s the way you’ll reap. If you have lots of seed but you only plant a little, you will have a little harvest. But if you sow a lot, then the harvest will be big too. That’s the way God set up seed time and harvest on the earth. (Looks at Bobby.) You know, you look very familiar.

Bobby: (Uncomfortable. Stands up nervously and starts to edge away.) Oh, lots of people say that to me. Hey, I hear my mom calling. Good-bye! (Rushes out of the class.)

Chloe: I’m sure I’ve seen her before. Thanks for coming to Sow Your Seed. See you next time! (Exits.)

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