Thursday, October 1, 2009

Parallel Adventure: Paul on Malta

Snake Bite!

Props: Two backpacks, camp pots and pans, a first aid kit, two sleeping bags or blankets tied up in rolls. Ipod would be good.

(Kids troop onto stage, tired after a long hike.)

Nick: I can’t believe I agreed to come on a camping trip with you guys. Where are the video games? Where’s the big screen TV? My ipod charge is out. How will I ever survive? (Pretends to faint on the ground.)

Susanna: Get up, Nick! You’re supposed to be one of the tough guys breaking a trail for the rest of us.

Savannah: (Yanking Susanna back) Watch out! Is that poison ivy?

Susanna: (Snaps fingers) Nick, go see if that’s poison ivy.

Nick: What?! What do I look like? No, wait. Don’t answer that.

Israel: This place looks like a good place to camp. I can see the lake down below. Let’s set up here.

(All start dropping gear and arranging things.)

Savannah: We’ll need wood for a fire so we can cook our food.

Susanna: (Snaps fingers) Nick, get the firewood.

Nick: (Frustrated because Susanna keeps telling him what to do.) What is this?! (Pauses as he has an idea.)’re right, Susanna. I’ll get the firewood. (Voice loaded with hidden meaning.) Hey, Israel. Why don’t you help me.

(Boys disappear off stage.)

Susanna: (Sighs) Good help is so hard to find.

Savannah: Well, some day you’ll have him trained.

Susanna: Yeah, there’s always hope.

(Boys come back on stage. Israel is helping Nick, who is limping.)

Susanna: (Anxious) What happened?

Nick: (Gasping it out) Snake bite! I can barely walk. It was in the firewood.

Israel: (Overacting) Right! It was two feet...(Nick elbows him) uh...ten feet long.

Susanna: Oh no! What should we do? We have to get medical help right away!

Savannah: Let’s see. (Licks her finger and holds it up to catch the wind direction.) The closest hospital is 170 miles due west.

(Everyone looks at her incredulously.)

Savannah: It’s actually 165 miles as the crow flies. (Realizing the looks she’s getting.) What?

Nick: (Still gasping a little as he lays on the ground.) No. It’ll be okay. I read all about snake bites before we came camping. If I can just get warm and eat a good meal, it will draw the venom from my leg, and I’ll survive.

Susanna: (Jumping into action.) Right! Warm! That means a fire. I’ll go get firewood. Food! Savannah, you get that ready.

Savannah: Got it.

(Both girls rush off stage.)

Nick: (Leans back, smiles, and puts his hands behind his head.) Now we can just sit back and enjoy this camping trip while the girls do all the work. Ah! Life is good.

Israel: You know, if they find out you just made this up, they’re going to tie you to a tree, pour honey on you, and leave you for the ants and bears. Personally, I’d rather have the bears. I hate ants.

Nick: What are the odds that they’ll figure this out? They’re girls!

(Girls rush back in with an adult.)

Savannah: Nick! Nick! Guess what! We found a doctor. She was hiking just down the trail.

(Nick and Israel freeze, panic on their faces.)

Israel: Uh...I think I’ll go forage for food. Which way, Savannah? (Leaves with the girls.)

Nick: I’ll go too!

Doctor: Don’t move! If it’s a snake bite, I need to check you out first. (Starts to check Nick’s ankle.) Hey, ever hear of Paul? He was a believer who told everyone about Jesus back in the Bible times. He got a snake bite too.

Nick: Really? What happened?

Doctor: Paul was shipwrecked on the island of Malta while they were taking him to Caesar. The natives of Malta were friendly, but after being shipwrecked, Paul, the Roman soldiers, and the crew were all wet and cold when they crawled up on the beach.

Nick: So they needed a campfire to get warm?

Doctor: Yep. Paul started to get the firewood. He didn’t know it, but there was a deadly snake in the firewood that he picked up. The snake slithered out and chomped right down on his hand.

Nick: But I didn’t think Paul died from a snakebite.

Doctor: He didn’t. The natives were sure he would, so they watched, waiting for him to fall over dead. But Paul just shook the snake off into the fire and was fine. The power of God inside of Paul was greater than that snake’s poisonous venom. Paul’s protection came from God. No weapon formed against him could prosper. (Pausing) You know, I can’t find anything like a snake bite on your leg. Are you sure that you got a snake bite?

Nick: (Nervously making a whispered confession.) Okay, Doc. There wasn’t a snake. I was just trying to get out of doing the chores. Did you ever have a sister? She is soooo bossy.

(All other kids rush back in.)

Susanna: We found some blackberries, but...Israel ate them.

Israel: (Defensive) I had to be sure they were okay.

Doctor: That’s all right. I think Nick will be okay after all. But he has some things he wants to tell you. Right, Nick?

Susanna: I’m so relieved!

Nick: I guess so. Thanks, Doc.

Doctor: Don’t mention it. Have a great camping trip, guys. Remember, you have protection! No weapon formed against you can prosper.

All: Thanks! Bye!

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