Saturday, April 10, 2010

Servant Heart

How Not to Serve Someone 101

2 Timothy 2:24; 3:14–17

Teacher: We’re going to watch what happens in our little restaurant here. I want you to look for which waiter is really serving his or her customer. Can you do that? Great. Shhhh. Here they come.

Two customers come into a restaurant and are seated at two separate tables for lunch. They each look at the menu and decide what they would like to order.

Customer A: Let’s see what’s on the menu today. Hmm. I think I’ll have a double cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate milkshake. That sounds awesome.

Customer B: (Peeking at A’s menu) That sounds great. I’m going to order that too. Where is it on the menu?

(Customer A points it out as his waiter comes out.)

Waiter A: Hi. Can I take your order for today?

Customer A: I’d like a double cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate milkshake.

Waiter A: (Takes menu) I’ll have that right out for you.

Customer A: Thanks.

(Customer B waits expectantly.)

Customer B: (to the audience) I wonder when my waiter will come out.

(Waiter B walks out while reading a book. Doesn’t notice he has a customer until he bumps the table.)

Waiter B: Oh, I didn’t see you there. (Puts book away and assumes bad French accent) Welcome to ze Burger Heaven. We have ze heavenly burgers in this joint.

Customer B: Oh. Glad to hear it. I’d like a double cheeseburger...

Waiter B: (Interrupts and drops the accent) You know, I don’t feel like getting you a burger. Wouldn’t you rather have a hot dog? It’s less work.

Customer B: No, I really want a double cheeseburger and...

Waiter B: The truth is, I don’t even want to go get you a hot dog.

Customer B: (Watching as Waiter A brings Customer A’s food with a smile.) Isn’t that your job? And besides that hamburger, I’d like...

Waiter B: This job is soooo much work, do you mind if I just sit down for awhile? (Doesn’t wait for an answer.) Thanks. (Puts his feet up.)

Customer B: (Shocked) I’d really like to order. If you could just bring me...

Waiter B: (Waves the request away.) Are you kidding? I’ve been on my feet all day. They really hurt. Hey! (Bright idea) Why don’t you wait on me! That would be so much better.

Customer B: You want me to wait on you? You’re supposed to serve me. I’m the customer!

Waiter B: Exactly. That means you haven’t been on your feet all day. I’ll just rest while you take my order.

Customer B: (Aside to the audience) I’m getting out of this place!

Waiter B: (As the customer leaves he pulls out his book, leans back, and calls out.) Oh, I’d really like some fries and a chocolate shake with that order. Make it snappy!

(Actors freeze for a moment and then exit.)

Teacher: Hi, kids. Which waiter was serving the customer the best? (The one who brought food to the customer and took care of them.) When we serve others, do we think of them first or ourselves first? (The other person.) Can you think of someone you can serve this week? (My dad, my mom, my brother or sister, my friends, my grandpa or grandma, my teacher, etc.) How can you serve them this week?

Paul wrote Timothy a special letter. Do you know what it says? Paul encouraged Timothy not to argue with others, but to be kind to all. Being kind is a way to serve others. He also said that the Bible is God’s Word so we can understand what He’s done for us, and that it will help us be ready to do good things (equips us for every good work).When we serve other people, we are serving God too.

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