Saturday, April 24, 2010

Can I Take Your Temperature?

One Bad Bug

2 Kings 5:1–27

Susanna comes on stage and is looking for a book and some other things.

Susan: Hi, Susanna. What are you doing?

Susanna: Waiting on my brother when I’d rather be out with my friends.

Susan: Why are you waiting on Nick?

Susanna: Because Mom said that I have to.

Susan: I guess that’s a good reason.

Susanna: He’s got a cold so mom told him to stay in bed. I’ve been running back and forth for him all day!

Nick (VO backstage): Susanna! Where’s my comfy pillow?

Susanna: See what I mean? It’s like I’m some kind of slave.

Susan: I’m sure he appreciates what you’re doing for him.

Susanna: Susan, are you kidding me? This is Nick we’re talking about.

Nick VO: Susanna! I want some orange juice. Hurry up!

Susan: Well, maybe he won’t appreciate you fully today, but someday he’ll look back and be thankful for what you did.

Nick VO: Susanna! Take my temperature again. My feet are cold and my head is hot.

Susanna: I don’t think he’s likely to live that long. AUUUUUGGHH! (Looks like she’s about to pound Nick.)

Susan: (Grabs her arm) Don’t do it, Susanna. You know, there was a slave girl in Bible times who worked for her master Naaman. Even thought she was a slave, she was kind and helped him.

Susanna: Really?

Susan: Naaman had leprosy.

Susanna: Is that worse than a cold?

Susan: Oh, yeah! It was a skin disease. Lepers were avoided because no one else wanted to get what they had. But Naaman was pretty important because he was a successful captain of the army.

Susanna: What did the slave girl do?

Susan: This girl had been kidnapped from Israel, so she told Naaman’s wife about the prophet Elisha who could heal Naaman from the leprosy.

Susanna: What did Naaman do?

Susan: He got permission from his own king to go to the king of Israel. When he arrived, the king of Israel was so upset to learn that he was supposed to get Naaman healed, that he tore his clothes because he thought that Naaman’s king was just looking for an excuse to get upset with him and go to war. You don’t get requests to get people healed from leprosy much when you’re a king.

Susanna: Uh oh.

Susan: Elisha heard about it and sent for Naaman. He knew how powerful God was, and he wasn’t concerned.

Susanna: Did he heal Naaman?

Susan: He didn’t actually talk to Naaman. He just sent a messenger out of the house to tell Naaman to go wash in the Jordan seven times. Naaman was mad. Elisha didn’t even come out and wave his hands over him or anything, and Naaman didn’t believe it would help to wash in the muddy Jordan, since there were cleaner rivers than that.

Susanna: What did he do?

Susan: One of Naaman’s servants pointed out that if Elisha had asked him to do something hard, he would have done it, so he should just wash in the Jordan. It was worth it to obey. Naaman washed in the Jordan and came out with brand new skin.

Susanna: And all because a little servant girl was kind.

Susan: Never underestimate the power of serving other people.

Nick: Susanna! Where’s that comfy pillow and orange juice?

Susanna: Guess you’re right. It’s good to serve others, whether they’re grateful or not. (Calling to Nick) I’ll be right there!

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