Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kindness Skit

This Is Your Conscience Speaking

1 Kings 17:7–24

(Nick enters with a paper bag looking pleased. He sits down, ready for lunch.)

Nick: I’ve been waiting all day for this lunch. I wonder what mom packed for me. (Starts pulling out pieces of his lunch.) Ooh! I love peanut butter and jelly. You’re awesome, Mom! Suzi Panzerelli’s mom always gives her liverwurst. Can you believe it? Yuck!

(Pulls out an apple, orange, a couple of granola bars, and finally a package with a desert.) Awesome! My favorite. Ho Hos!

(Susanna walks in, head down, obviously very upset. Doesn’t see Nick at first. She wipes a tear and blows her nose into a handkerchief with a loud honking sound.)

Nick: Hey, Suzanna! Lay off the foghorn, will you? I’m trying to eat.

Susanna: (Startled) Oh! Sorry. I didn’t see you there.

Nick: What’s wrong? Where’s your lunch?

Susanna: (Tries to look brave.) Lunch? Oh, it’’s...

Nick: Have you been crying?

Susanna: (Trying to be tough now.) Why would I cry? I mean, maybe I just decided to not have lunch today. Just because it’s lunch time doesn’t mean you have to eat lunch.

Nick: You love lunch.

Susanna: (Bursting into tears, but manages to tell story between sobs.) Okay, you’re right. I love lunch. Mom always packs a great lunch, and I had just set everything out on a table outside when a little kid came up to me to tie his shoes. I helped him out, but his shoe was so knotted up that it took awhile to fix. When I looked up, a stray dog had jumped on the table, eaten my whole lunch, and there was nothing left but dog drool.

Nick: (Incredulous) The whole thing?

Susanna: Even the plastic wrap. (Bursts into tears again.)

Nick: Gee. That’s too bad.

Susanna: I’m sooooo hungry!

Nick: Well, maybe you should just fast and pray today.

Susanna: I guess I’ll have to...unless...(looks hopefully at Nick)

Nick: Oh, no. Don’t look at me. I’m a growing boy, and I need every calorie in this paper bag.

Susanna: Just a little?

Nick: It’s only a few hours until school is over. You can make it until then.

Susanna: I can’t believe you’d do that to your own sister. (Stands up to leave)

Nick: Where are you going?

Susanna: To look at the vending machine. At least it has a good reason not to share. (Stomps out stage right.)

Nick: (Lifts sandwich, about to take a bite.)

Voice: (From microphone.) Ni-i-i-icck.

(Nick looks around, then is about to take another bite, but before he can, he hears the voice again.)

Voice: (From microphone.) Ni-i-i-icck!

Nick: (Jumps up, not able to take a bite.) Who—who’s there? If you’re the dog that ate my sister’s lunch, you can forget about eating mine. You’re not getting it.

Voice: Ni-i-i-ick! This is your conscience.

Nick: (Rolls his eyes.) You? What do you want? I’m eating lunch.

Voice: You need to share with Suzanna, Nick. That dog at her whole lunch. She’s very hungry. Just think how it would be if a dog ate your lunch.

Nick: What? No way. This is MY lunch. Mom made it for me, and I’m hungry! I want to eat it in peace without you or anyone else bugging me, so go away.

Voice: I can’t go away. I’m part of you, Nick.

Nick: Which part?

Voice: The kind part. Remember, God has put kindness in you. It’s time to use that kindness to help Suzanna.

Nick: (Big sigh) You’re really not going to leave me alone, are you?

Voice: Not a chance.

Nick: Okay. I’ll share. You’re right. She’s hungry and it’s the kind thing to do. (Packs lunch and leaves stage right.) Hey, Suzanna! Want an apple?

(Ariana and Suzanna enter stage left. Suzanna takes a bite of an apple. Ariana is holding a microphone.)

Suzanna: Thanks for your help, Ariana.

Ariana: Any time. There’s nothing like your conscience to help you do what’s right.

(Girls give each other high five and exit.)

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