Sunday, January 3, 2010

An Unexpected Detour

After salvation, we don't live a holy life because we're trying to be righteous. Jesus' blood has paid a complete price, making us as righteous as we will ever be. With our hearts made new, we obey God's Word as a response to what He has done in our hearts, knowing that God's way of doing things will sow the seeds to produce a blessed life. God's Word is the road map for life, with all the guidance we will ever need. (I'd like to add that this skit is no reflection on our own family, since my husband is the one who always knows where we are going and I'm usually enjoying the scenery or reading a book!)

Where Am I? Skit

(A dad and mom are sitting in a car, driving down the road. Use four chairs for this. The parents are tense because they are obviously lost. As they talk, the kids bug each other quietly in the back seat.)

Mom: Do you think that’s our turn up ahead?

Dad: No. That’s highway 37. We’re looking for highway 73.

Mom: I think we should have stopped at that last gas station for directions.

Dad: I don’t need to stop for directions. I know right where we are.

Mom: Where?

Dad: We’re in Illinois.

Mom: Could you be more specific?

Dad: If we go west, we’ll hit the Pacific Ocean in a couple of days. If we go east, it’ll be the Atlantic instead.

Mom: You don’t know where we are, do you?

Dad: Men do not get lost. They take scenic routes. Hey, kids. Look at that field of horses.

Alexa: Mom! Brycen touched my part of the seat.

Brycen: I did not. The whole seat is mine. I was born first. You just get that corner until I leave for college.

Alexa: Mom!

Mom: Be nice kids. Your dad says we’re not lost. That’s something to be happy about.

Brycen: Are we there yet?

Mom: Ask your dad.

Brycen: Dad, are we there yet?

Dad: If the car is moving, we’re not there.

Alexa: I’m tired.

Brycen: I’m hungry.

Alexa: You can’t be hungry. You ate my granola bar five minutes ago.

Brycen: That’s because you threw mine out the window.

Alexa: Mom!

(Mom opens the glove box.)

Mom: Hey! I didn’t know we had a map of Illinois in here.

Dad: (Sounding hopeful, but then trying to act like he doesn’t need it anyway) A map!...uh, I mean, you can take a look at it if you want. You know, if it will make you feel better. (Tries to glance at it while driving, but not be noticeable about it.)

Mom: Here we are! If you turn left at the next road, then we should come to 73 in about five minutes.

Dad: See, I told you we weren’t lost.

Mom: I’m glad I could count on you. Hang in there kids. Next stop—McBurgers.

Alexa and Brycen: Hurray!

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