Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Seed Time

Seed Time Game Show, Number 11

Voice: Welcome to the Sow Your Seed Game Show with your favorite hostesses and mine, Bobby Bling and Chloe Starr!

(Chloe Starr and Bobby Bling sneak out from different sides of the stage. They each have a present, and are trying to hide them under the tree when the other is not looking. When they bump into each other, they act unnaturally “natural.”)

Chloe: Oh, hi, Bobby. I didn’t see you there.

Bobby: Oh, hi! Yeah, I didn’t see you either.

Chloe: So, are you ready for the show?

Bobby: Ummm...yeah. Of course.

Chloe: You’re acting a little funny. Are you hiding something?

Bobby: What would I hide? My life is an open book. Let’s get this show on the road!

Chloe: Welcome to the Show Your Seed Game Show. Every time you answer a question correctly, you win Kid Cash. Bobby, what is the first question?

Bobby: When you give to God, how does He give back to you? Is the answer A) God give you a tiny bit, B) God give you yucky leftovers, or C) God causes men to give to you pressed down, shaken together, and running over?

(Chooses a child to answer) Correct! The answer is C. God blesses you with more than you gave to Him. Isn’t that awesome? Then you can be an even bigger blessing to others!

Chloe: Next question. What happens to the generous man? Is the answer A) he reaps generously because he sowed generously, B) he gives up after awhile and plays video games, or C) he runs out of money?

(Waits for a child to answer) Yes! The correct answer is A. God promises that the generous man will himself be watered.

Bobby: Time for the last question. What does God delight in? That means, what does God get excited about? Is it A) eating Christmas cookies with lots of sprinkles, B) the prosperity of His servants, or C) getting lots of toys for Christmas?

(Choosing a child) Correct. God gets excited when we see the blessing that He wants us to see in all the parts of our lives.

Chloe: Great job, kids. That’s it for this show.

Bobby: (Interrupting) Well, there is one more thing, Chloe.

Chloe: Really?

Bobby: I have a Christmas gift for you. (Pulls it out from under the tree) Here it is!

Chloe: I have one for you, too. Here.

Both: Thank you! Merry Christmas!

(Both exit, while Bobby looks back at kids.)

Bobby: Isn’t giving fun?

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