Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ed Infiltrates Seed Time

Seed Time Game Show, Number 10

Voice: Welcome to the Sow Your Seed Game Show with your favorite hostesses and mine, Bobby Bling and Chloe Starr!

(Chloe Starr and Bobby Bling enter to cheering audience and game show music. Over to the side, Ed the Janitor is sweeping the floor. During the show, he moves to different parts of the room to help different kids with the answers.)

Chloe: Hey, welcome to the Sow Your Seed Game Show. Are you kids ready to win some kid cash by answering our Seed Time questions?

Bobby: (Jumping out and acting like she’s ready to do hand-to-hand combat.) Hi-ya!

Chloe: (Startled.) What are you doing, Bobby?

Bobby: I’m fending off nutty math professors and crazy tourists so stand back!

Chloe: There aren’t of those here this week. There’s only Ed the Janitor over there.

Bobby: (Karate pose) Keep a lid on it, Ed. I’m watching you.

Chloe: (Rolling eyes) Let’s get to the first question. The Bible says that as long as the earth remains, what else will we have? Is the answer A) football, B) seed time, or C) ice cream?

Ed: (Stage whispering loudly to some of the kids the answer.) Psst! It’s seed time.

Bobby: (Pointing at Ed indignantly. To Chloe.) Did you see that?

Chloe: (Choosing one of the children that Ed gave the answer to) Correct! The answer is seed time.

Bobby: But—but—

Chloe: Bobby, we have a show to run. Chill out. Next question. God also said that as long as the earth remains, we will have a second thing. Is it A) stuffed teddy bears, B) spaghetti on Thursdays, or C) harvest.

Ed: (Stage whispering loudly to a different bunch of kids.) Psst! The answer is harvest.

Bobby: (Pointing at Ed again) Hey, Ed’s not sweeping the floor. He’s—

Chloe: (Holding up her hand to Bobby) Bobby, I said you need to relax. We have a show to run here and all these interruptions are hurting our ratings.

Bobby: But—but—

Chloe: (Hand up again until Bobby stops.) Last question. What should we always honor God with? Is it A) the first of what we have, B) the last of what we have, or C) a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

Ed: (Whistling innocently as Bobby watches him closely. As soon as she turns her back, he stage whispers the answer loudly to the kids near him.) The first of what we have.

(Bobby spins around because she caught Ed this time.)

Bobby: AH HA! You’re helping the—

Chloe: (Grabs Bobby by the ear and pulls her to the front of the room.) You need to quit picking on Ed while he’s doing his job. (Chooses a child.) And the answer is, we should always honor God with the first of what He has blessed us with. That’s all for this time, kids. Remember to sow, sow, sow your seed so it can grow, grow grow!

Bobby: (As Chloe still hangs on to her ear.) Ow! Bye! Ow! You’ve got to believe me, Chloe.

Ed: (Grinning, puts hands together over his head in victory as he exits.)

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