Friday, November 20, 2009

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Double Doctor Trouble

Susan is a reporter who is on a late-breaking story of a woman who was just healed by Jesus. She is trying to get an interview. Meanwhile, Justinicus and Nickilicus are famous doctors who are sure Susan’s there to interview them about their amazing cures for people.

Susan: (Holding microphone) This is Susan On the Spot with a late, breaking story, folks. Word has it that a woman who was sick for 12 years has just been healed in one moment by Jesus Himself. I’m hoping to get an exclusive interview so we can hear the whole story first hand.

Justinicus: Excuse me, did you just say you were a reporter?

Susan: Why, yes, I’m Susan On the...

Justinicus: Allow me to introduce myself. I am the greatest doctor ever, Justinicus of Rome. Perhaps you’ve heard of me?

Susan: Uh, no. I’m looking for a woman who...

Justinicus: Just another happy client, of course?

Susan: Well, no...

Justinicus: An unhappy client? Not even possible!

Susan: I’m here to interview...

Nickilicus: Did you day the word “interview?” Are you a reporter?

Susan: I’m Susan On The Spot, and I’m here to interview...

Nickilicus: Me, of course. I’m the greatest doctor that ever walked the face of the earth.

Susan: I’m looking for a woman...

Nickilicus: Who was healed by me, of course. They’re probably all over the place. Just pick any fair citizen of this happy town, and they’ll have great things to say about me.

Justinicus: (Tapping Nickilicus on the shoulder) Don’t you mean you’re the second greatest doctor on earth. I’m the greatest.

Nickilicus: (Trying to be courteous) No, you see, everyone says that I’m the greatest.

Justinicus: Then you must be talking to the wrong everyones, because I’m the greatest.

Nickilicus: You want a piece of me.

Justinicus: Bring it on.

Justinicus and Nickilicus start to box quietly to the side of the stage. They are both AWFUL at it, and trip, fall, and lurch past each other as they try to fight. Keep this low key, since Susan will be interviewing the woman and we want most of the focus on them.

Susan: (To woman who is passing) Excuse me, I’m looking for a woman who was healed by Jesus recently.

Woman: That’s me. Thank God!

Susan: How did it happen?

Woman: I had been sick for so many years that I used all my money to pay doctors, but it didn’t do any good. I was still sick. In fact, because of the kind of sickness, I wasn’t supposed to be around other people.

Susan: How awful. Then what happened?

Woman: I heard that Jesus was passing by, and that He had healed so many other people. I just knew that He would heal me too. I kept on saying to myself, “If I can just touch the hem of his robe, I’ll be healed."

Susan: You mean you didn’t even think you’d have to have Jesus stop and pray for you?

Woman: I knew that healing power was in Jesus, and if I could just touch Him, that power would heal me. So I squirmed my way through the crowd, touch his robe, and I was healed.

Susan: What did Jesus do?

Woman: Jesus said he felt the power go out of Him, so He stopped and found out it was me. At first I was frightened that He knew, but He wasn’t angry. He said that my faith had made me well.

Susan: That’s wonderful!

Woman: Praise God! He is so good. He wants every person to be healed and made whole. Isn’t that awesome?

The two doctors lurch to the center of the stage by the woman, who sees them and chases them out of the room.

Woman: You? and YOU? Aren’t you the ones who promised I’d be healed in no time? You took all my money and I was still sick. I’m going to get you! (Chases them out of the room.)

Susan: This has been Susan On The Spot with another breaking story from the Bible.

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