Saturday, December 5, 2009

Susan On-the-Spot Reporter

Jesus Loves Me

Susan is a reporter who is on a late-breaking story of a blinding flash of light seen near Damascus a few days ago.

Susan: (Holding microphone) This is Susan On-the-Spot in Damascus with a late, breaking story. According to eyewitness reports, there has recently been a brilliant flash of light in the vicinity of Damascus, and we’re out looking for the source. (Seeing someone coming.) Wait. Here comes a man. Perhaps he’s seen something.

Ananias: (Acts like he’s reading an address and looking for it.) The house of Judas on Straight Street. It’s got to be here somewhere.

Susan: Excuse me, I’m Susan On-the-Spot and we’re live with a story about a brilliant flash of light. Have you seen anything, sir?

Ananias: (Jumping a little) Hey! You startled me.

Susan: You seem a little jumpy.

Ananias: You’d be jumpy too if the Lord told you to go pray for a man who hunts down Christians and throws them in jail. (Finds the house he’s looking for.) This is Straight Street, and this must be the house of Judas. (Knocks on the door)

Susan: What do you mean?

(Judas opens the door)

Judas: Who’s there?

Ananias: It’s Ananias. Is Saul of Tarsus in there?

Judas: He’s in here. Just a minute.

(Judas leads Saul out to Ananias.)

Saul: Who is there? (He can’t see because he was blinded by the light.) I can’t see because there was a bright light shone in front of me as I was traveling to Damascus. Jesus told me in a voice not to persecute Him anymore. He told me to wait here in the city.

Ananias: My name is Ananias. The Lord sent me to lay hands on you so that your sight would be restored.

Saul: But I’ve been persecuting the Christians, throwing them in jail. I’ve been really mean. Weren’t you afraid to come here?

Ananias: Of course I was. But God loves you even though you’ve done lots of bad things. Jesus wants you to tell everyone about how He died for them and loves them no matter what.

Saul: Wow. Jesus still loves me. That’s amazing. Okay. Pray for me.

(Ananias prays for Saul, and suddenly Saul can see.)

Saul: I can see! I can see! I know God loves me, and I’m going to tell all the people that Jesus loves them too. (Runs out of room, stopping to tell individual children that Jesus loves them.)

Ananias: (Ananias follows him.) Hey, Saul. Wait for me!

Susan: Boys and girls, remember that God loves you no matter what you have done. Tell everyone you know that Jesus loves them, too. This has been Susan On-The-Spot with another breaking story from the Bible.

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