Saturday, November 7, 2009

How To Be Great

Who’s the Greatest?

(Nick and Susanna come on stage in a heated argument.)

Susanna: Look. You are absolutely nuts if you think that Mom and Dad love you more than me. I am the best child on the planet. I almost never get into trouble, and I don’t wreck other people’s stuff when they’re not around.

Nick: You look, Susanna. Just because a child doesn’t occasionally try her parent’s patience doesn’t automatically mean that she is her Mom and Dad’s favorite.

Susanna: Occasionally? If just about every day means occasionally, then I suppose that would fit your definition.

Nick: Okay miss goody two shoes. It so happens that when Mom and Dad talk to me, even about the things that I’ve done wrong, they always tell me that although they aren’t happy about what I did, it doesn’t make any difference in their love for me.

(Susan walks on stage unnoticed at this point.)

Susanna: Hey I know that which is why I say they love me more. I do my chores without being told to. I obey most of the time. And Mom and Dad have both told me that they love me regardless of my behavior. But, they don’t have to love me in spite of my behavior like they do with you. So there! (she sticks her tongue out at him.)

Susan: Oh, I can’t wait to hear what this is all about. You two have the weirdest arguments.

Nick: I told her that Mom and Dad love me more, Mom was very pleased with the job I did of painting Susanna’s room while she was gone. She was glad that I had done it because it saved her so much time. She wasn’t even sure she would have the time to get it done.

Susanna: And I told him that Mom and Dad love me more because I’m not such a pain. I don’t get into trouble almost every day.

Nick: I don’t get into trouble almost every day. I went four days this week without even getting caught doing one thing wrong. So there (he sticks his tongue out at Susanna.)

Susan: You two are unbelievable! Don’t you realize that you are both saying that your mom and dad love you regardless of your behavior, but in the same breath you’re saying that your behavior does make a difference.

Susanna: Well it does a little, doesn’t it?

Susan: Nope. When Jesus’ disciples were arguing about who would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven, He took a little child and set them in front of them. He said that unless they believed like that little child, they would not even enter the kingdom of heaven. And whoever humbled himself like that little child would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

Nick: So what does that have to do with us?

Susan: Well, neither one of you is acting very humble right now. And the important point He was making was that it was believing and being humble that mattered. He didn’t want the disciples to think that they could earn their way into heaven.

Nick: Oh.

Susanna: Oh.

Susan: Yeah, oh. So now do you think you can stop arguing about who is the greatest, or who is loved the most?

Susanna: I guess so. That was kind of foolish, wasn’t it. I apologize for arguing with you Nick. Will you forgive me?

Nick: Yes, I forgive you Susanna, after all forgiveness is a part of being humble. And if there’s anything I know about, it’s how to be humble.

Susan & Susanna: Oh no!

Susan: Let’s get out of here before another argument starts.

Susanna: Yeah, let’s. (they exit)

Nick: What?! What did I say? I’m the most humble guy I know. You have to be humble to take all the big talks I get from Dad. (he starts walking after them.) Where are you guys going? Don’t you agree that I’m the most humble person you know….

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