Sunday, September 19, 2010

The lost sheep search and rescue operation

The Lost Sheep

Sally: Sally Scoop here on the scene covering the Lost Sheep Search and Rescue Effort that has been mounted by the local community in an effort to recover one sheep which has somehow gotten out of its sheep pen. Let’s see if we can interview some of the searchers to see what is being done to recover the lost sheep.

(Sees a scientist with some kind of weird electronic gadget.) Excuse me. Are you part of the Lost Sheep Search and Rescue Effort?

Scientist: (Pushes up glasses and talking in nerdy voice.) Sort of.

Sally: What do you mean?

Scientist: I’ve created the Lost Sheep Early Detection Sonar 3000. It is capable of locating every sheep within a range of 100 miles.

Sally: That’s amazing! Is it working?

Scientist: Of course it’s working. According to my readings, this room is full of sheep. It’s only a matter of time before I find the one that’s lost.

Sally: (Looking around and seeing lots of kids but no sheep.) Hmmm. I think you better keep working on it.

Scientist: You think so?

Sally: Definitely. (Points to another searcher who is blowing into a whistle that doesn’t make any sound.) Let’s see what she’s doing. Excuse me, I’m Sally Scoop with the local news station. Are you helping with the Lost Sheep Search and Rescue Effort?

Whistler: Of course I am. Can’t you tell?

Sally: Not really. What are you doing?

Whistler: This whistle is a special ultrasonic sheep caller that was passed down through my family. Only a sheep can hear it when I blow into it.

Sally: And how does this affect a sheep?

Whistler: It will make the sheep come to me. I’m going to blow into it now, so stand back. When the sheep hears this baby, it’ll probably stampede. (Whistler blows hard on the whistle, and then crouches and covers head because expects to be run over by the sheep.)

VO: MOOOOOOO! MOOOOO! (From backstage)

Sally: That sounds like a cow.

Whistler: Let me try that again. (Blows hard, then takes cover.)


Sally: That sounded like a duck.

Whistler: Well, I’m still working out the bugs. Why don’t you go talk to someone else for awhile? (Starts shaking the whistle and looking into it to see if there’s something caught in it.)

Sally: (Walking up to normal person.) Excuse me, are you with the Lost Sheep Search and Rescue Effort?

Shepherd: Yep.

Sally: What special technique are you using to find the lost sheep?

Shepherd: I’m going out to look for the sheep

Sally: You’re kidding! All these other people had all this special equipment and techniques to get the sheep to come to them. You’re just going to go out and look for the sheep?

Shepherd: Yep.

Sally: Why?

Shepherd: Because I’m the shepherd, and that’s what shepherds do. I care about every sheep. I don’t want even one to be lost. Even though it’s not easy or convenient, I’m going to look until I find the one lost sheep.

Sally: What if you don’t find the sheep right away?

Shepherd: It doesn’t matter. I won’t give up until I find the one that’s lost.

Sally: Wow! That’s real love! You heard it here, folks. The shepherd loves his sheep so much that if one is lost, he goes out and looks and doesn’t give up until he finds it.

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