Saturday, May 22, 2010

A True Gift

The Sacrificial Cookies

Luke 21:1–4

(Nate is holding a bag of cookies, very excited that he has them.)

Nate: I love double chocolate Oreo cookies. These are my favorite.

Susan: Hi, Nate. What’s in the bag?

Nate: Double chocolate Oreo cookies. They’re my favorite.

Susan: Oooo. I love cookies.

Nate: (Considering.) You know, Susan, I love these cookies, but I’ve got a whole bag of them. Would you like two?

Susan: Thank you, Nate. I’d love to have two cookies. Thanks!

(Nate shares a cookie and leaves.)

Susan: I love double chocolate Oreo cookies. Since I already had lunch, I think I’ll go get a big glass of milk to eat these with.

(Susanna walks in, looking upset.)

Susan: Hey, Susanna. What’s wrong?

Susanna: Oh, I forgot my lunch at home. I’m so hungry! I can’t wait for school to be over so I can go home and eat something.

Susan: That’s terrible! (Looks at cookies in her hand.) Susanna, I know it isn’t much, but I have two cookies. You could eat them. It might help a little until you can eat at home.

Susanna: I don’t want to take the only two cookies you have.

Susan: That’s okay. You’re my friend and I’m happy to share what I have with you.

Susanna: Thank you, Susan.

Susan: In fact, I was just going to get some milk. I’ll get some for you, too.

Susanna: Great!

(Kids exit)

Teacher: When Nate gave Susan two cookies, was he making a big sacrifice? (No.) It was nice of him to share with her, but he still had lots of cookies left.

When Susan gave her only two cookies to Susanna, was she making a big sacrifice? (Yes.) Susan gave all that she had. She didn’t hold anything back from her friend because she wanted to bless her.

Today’s story is about a widow who gave everything she had to God.

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